• Contact Management

    Business contacts can be managed with contact management which can be converted into leads and potentials (opportunities).

    Lead Management

    Leads can be marked as potentials (opportunities) with deal closing dates and expected revenue. Leads can be added against multiple products or services and eventually can be coverted into Accounts (customers).

    Opportunity Management

    Potentials or opportunities can be managed of leads with expected closing dates, probability of conversion and expected revenue generation.

    Client Or Account Management

    Converted customers or accounts can be linked to sales activities which could be either of products or services. All the activities such as call, appointment, quotation etc can be linked to accounts as well for keeping the track of interactions which may help in cross sale or up sale.

    Team Management

    Through easy way of creating teams and its manager from Super Admin, it becomes easy for small or large sales, marketing teams to collaborate with each other and team manager can get complete information about team activities and lead, opportunities, accounts, quotations and all other crucial information as and when its required.

  • Product And Service Database

    Product database lets you add and update your product offerings or service offerings, and these products can be linked to leads, quotations, sales activities and using this feature you can easily generate reports and view dashboard information.

    Revenue Forecasting

    By this feature you can figure out revenue forecasting in by month, quarter or year.

    Analytical Dashboard

    Analytics will bring insight of all the sales, marketing activities in one place.


    With reporting feature you can generate different kinds of reports with useful filtering options to drill down the required information you need at any time.

    Campaign Management

    Adding and managing campaigns can be done only through manager user type, you can manage and track the performace of any campaign, here you will be able to specify the campaign budget and can actually see how much ROI you are getting. This feature is one of a kind and first in industry. And by using this you will be able to figure out low performance or high performance campaigns.

  • Centralized Customers Database

    Repeat customer entry is restricted to prevent data duplication and further reducing unmanaged situations. No matter how many users this system has or how many different locations you are operating from, in XCEED CRM every customer is managed in centralized database.

    User Management

    User management is easy and can be managed by super admin.

    Document Management

    You can attach documents such as quotations, purchase orders, contracts, service level agreements, art work, samples or any kind of file for leads and accounts.